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Fall 2014

NEW CDs Coming Soon                                                                                       MJ & producer Nick Eipers finishing up the first (of many) CD's for release in 2015

Sept 2014

Australian Project                                                                                               MJ songs featured by director Kev Rainbow's labor-of-love DVD series "the History of Noosa"...can be found on facebook or youTube...

August 2014

Ice bucket challenge                                                                                                                    Visit MJ's facebook page (RE- Joe Beatty) to see the results!                                                                     

May 2014

Press Coverage                                                                                               Forest Park Review featured an article on MJ by John Rice...


Awards & Press Clips

Irish American News - 2008
Pioneer Press - 2007
Lombardian/Villa Park Review - 2006
Metro Commuter - 2006
Toys for Tots - 2004
Suburban Night Life - 2001
Suburban Night Life - 2000
Suburban Night Life - 1999



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